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Author /Zhao Nannan Source /Chinese inspection and Quarantine Association Release time /2014-08-08

China Society of Inspection and Quarantine (CSIQ) is approved by the State Council, registered by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, led by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. It's a national, non-profit, voluntary social society with legal person qualification; It was founded in November 11, 2013 in Beijing.

CSIQ is positioned to be an academic, technical, international and social institution, based on "service to members, service to inspection field, service to decision consulting and service to society". It actively undertakes the transformation of government's function of science and technology, and docks the country's development strategy of “Superpower in Quality”, “Cultural Power” and “Healthy China”. Its scope of work including: to carry out inspection and quarantine academic exchanges and discipline construction; to promote the construction of national innovation system; to promote the transformation of technological achievements; to undertake the transformation of government functions of scientific and technological achievements assessment and technical standards development; to carry out the  “China Society of Inspection and Quarantine Technology Award ” selection and merit recommend “National Science and Technology Progress Award”; to promote international scientific and technological cooperation; to develop the cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific and technological groups and scientific and technical workers.

CSIQ is one of the 211 members of national society of the China Association for Science and Technology. It is the first batch of pilot units for revision of group standards approved by Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of China. It is in charge of the works of Secretariat of science and Technology Committee of AQSIQ and Secretariat of the National Technical Committee for Standardization of Art Quality Management. CSIQ has initiated successively the establishment of “Global Alliance of Inspection on Agriculture Product and Food”, “China Inspection and Testing Innovation Alliance”, held the “International Inspection and Testing Forum”, the “Forum on National Quality Infrastructure International Cooperation” and the “Academic Forum of Inspection and Quarantine ”. CSIQ has set up more than 10 committees, such as the “Professional Technology Committee of Quarantine Treatment”,the “Professional Committee of Health Inspection and Quarantine”,the “Professional Technology Committee of Artworks Authentication”, “Photovoltaic Green-ecosystem Organization”, the “Credibility and Integrity Committee”, the “Artwork Industry Integrity Development Committee”, the “Professional Technology Committee of Product Quality Trace”, the “Standardization Working Committee”, the “Laboratory Committee”, the “Professional Technology Committee of Protected Geographical Indication Products”, the “Professional Technology Committee of Protected Eco-Origin Products”, the “Professional Technology Committee of Protected Organic Products” etc.

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